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Pink Floyd: Division Bell

Contains the following phone conversation:

O’Rourke: Hello?

Charlie (young boy): Yeah…

O’Rourke: Is that Charlie?

C: Yes.

O’Rourke: Hello Charlie.

C: (mumbles something and hangs up)

O’Rourke: Great! (hangs up)

Steve O’Rourke is the late band’s manager, who reportedly always wished to appear on the band’s records — the band thus fulfilled his wish. Charlie is son of David Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson. Polly Samson, listed in the “Thanks” section and co-writer of many songs, was Gilmour’s wife (they seperated around summer 1994).

The vinyl edition of The Division Bell is several minutes shorter than the other versions. It lacks the above conversation, and the song ends are trimmed down a bit. “Wearing the Inside…” also has some small structural changes. There was a rumor before its release that The Division Bell would be a double LP, to fit everything on, but apparently the band decided against this.

How to find it: Begins at 8:18 of track #11 (“High Hopes”)

Submitted by: Dan Meyer, ASN

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