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Peter, Paul and Mary: In These Times

About “Mi Caballo Blanco”

“Mi Caballo Blanco” is a hidden song by Peter, Paul and Mary from their album In These Times.

“Mi Caballo Blanco” is a traditional Spanish song that originated in Mexico. The title translates to “My White Horse” in English. The song tells a tale of a beloved white horse and the emotional bond between the rider and their loyal companion.

“Mi Caballo Blanco” is often performed as a folk song, characterized by its catchy melody and lively rhythm. It is typically sung in Spanish and accompanied by instruments such as guitars, violins, and trumpets, which add to its festive and celebratory nature.

The song has become popular not only in Mexico but also in Spanish-speaking communities around the world. Its catchy tune and relatable lyrics make it a favorite for sing-alongs and folk music gatherings. “Mi Caballo Blanco” serves as a cultural representation of the rich musical heritage of Mexico and continues to be cherished by both young and old generations.

About In These Times

In These Times is an album by Peter, Paul and Mary released in 2003. It was their final studio album before Mary Travers’ passing in 2009. In These Times features a collection of new original songs and covers, showcasing the group’s signature harmonies and folk sound.

The album includes “Don’t Laugh at Me,” which addresses themes of acceptance and tolerance, and “Hobo’s Lullaby,” a reimagining of the classic folk song. It also features “Because All Men Are Brothers,” a powerful anthem for peace and unity.

In These Times reflects Peter, Paul and Mary’s commitment to social activism and their timeless ability to address important issues through their music. The album received positive reviews for its poignant lyrics, beautiful melodies, and the group’s continued dedication to their craft. It serves as a fitting final chapter to the legacy of Peter, Paul and Mary, leaving a lasting impact on the folk music genre.

How to find “Mi Caballo Blanco”

On CD: Begins 25 seconds after the end of “Oh, Had I a Golden Thread” (track 12).

Listen to “Mi Caballo Blanco”

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