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Paul McCartney: New

About “Scared”

“Scared” is a hidden song by Paul McCartney from his album New.

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About New

New is the sixteenth solo studio album by Paul McCartney, released in 2013. As the title suggests, the album presents a fresh and contemporary sound while still retaining McCartney’s signature melodic style. It showcases his ability to craft catchy pop hooks and thoughtful ballads, maintaining his status as a master songwriter.

With a mix of upbeat tracks like the title track “New” and “Queenie Eye,” and heartfelt ballads like “Early Days” and “Scared,” McCartney takes listeners on a dynamic and engaging musical journey. The album also features collaborations with producer Mark Ronson, who brings a modern touch to McCartney’s classic sound.

New received positive reviews from critics, who praised McCartney’s songwriting and the album’s energetic and vibrant sound. It resonated with both longtime fans and new listeners, demonstrating McCartney’s timeless appeal and his ability to continually reinvent himself while staying true to his musical roots.

New showcases Paul McCartney’s enduring creativity and his ability to deliver an album that is both contemporary and timeless, proving that he remains a vital force in the music industry.

How to find “Scared”

On CD (Standard Edition): Play through the last track (track #12, “Road”).

On CD (Deluxe Edition): Play through the last track (track #14, “Get Me Out of Here”)

Listen to “Scared”

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