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Patty Smyth: Never Enough

About “Ruby”

“Ruby” is a hidden song by Patty Smyth from her album Never Enough.

An a cappella recording also known as “Little Ruby” and most likely about her daughter. The lyrics are: “I’ve got a little Ruby/and I hold her in my arms/boy, she sure looks pretty/little girl from New York City/Yes, she is my baby/she’s my pretty little lady.”

The track is only found on the European vinyl edition.

About Never Enough

Patty Smyth’s album “Never Enough” is a notable entry in her music career. Released in 1987, the album marked her solo debut after departing from the band Scandal. It showcased her exceptional vocal talent and songwriting prowess.

“Never Enough” contains a blend of rock, pop, and adult contemporary influences, with tracks like “Downtown Train” and “Love’s Got a Line on You” standing out as highlights. Patty Smyth’s powerful and emotive vocals shine through on every song, adding a compelling dimension to the album.

The album received positive critical reception and achieved commercial success, helping establish Patty Smyth as a solo artist in her own right. “Never Enough” remains a cherished part of her discography and serves as a testament to her enduring talent as a singer and songwriter.

How to find “Ruby”

On vinyl (European edition only): Play through “Heartache Heard Round The World”

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