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Papa Roach: Infest

About “Tight Rope”

“Tight Rope” is a hidden song by Papa Roach from their album Infest.

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About Infest

Infest is the second studio album by American rock band Papa Roach. Released in 2000, the album catapulted the band to mainstream success and is considered a cornerstone of the nu-metal genre. It features a fusion of rap-infused vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and catchy hooks.

The album’s lead single, “Last Resort,” became a breakout hit for the band, reaching the top of the rock charts and becoming an anthem for a generation. Other notable tracks on the album include “Broken Home,” “Between Angels and Insects,” and “Dead Cell,” all of which showcase the band’s aggressive sound and introspective lyrics.

Infest is characterized by its raw energy, aggressive sound, and angsty themes. It tackles subjects such as personal struggles, societal issues, and the challenges of growing up. The album’s intense and cathartic nature resonated with listeners, earning it commercial success and critical acclaim.

With its memorable hooks, hard-hitting instrumentation, and powerful lyrics, Infest remains a standout album in Papa Roach’s discography and a defining release in the nu-metal genre.

How to find “Tight Rope”

On CD: Begins one minute after track #11

Listen to “Tight Rope”

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