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Oasis: Heathen Chemistry

About “The Cage”

“The Cage” is a hidden song by Oasis from their album Heathen Chemistry.

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About Heathen Chemistry

Heathen Chemistry is the fifth studio album by the British rock band Oasis, released in 2002. It marked a transitional period for the band, as it was their first album without founding member and guitarist Noel Gallagher as the sole songwriter. Instead, each band member contributed songs to the album, showcasing a more collaborative approach to songwriting.

The album features a mix of rock and pop-influenced tracks, including the singles “The Hindu Times,” “Stop Crying Your Heart Out,” and “Little by Little/She Is Love.” “Heathen Chemistry” maintains the distinct Oasis sound characterized by Liam Gallagher’s distinctive vocals, catchy melodies, and anthemic choruses.

The album received generally positive reviews from critics and was commercially successful, reaching the top of the charts in the UK and several other countries. While it may not be considered one of Oasis’ groundbreaking albums, Heathen Chemistry offers a solid collection of songs that capture the band’s signature sound and continued their success in the early 2000s.

How to find “The Cage”

On CD: Begins at 33:13 of track #11 (“Better Man”)

Listen to “The Cage”

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  1. Mr D Kerr says:

    Don’t know if this is anything but there is also a track called La Cage (The Cage) by the big guy from France so did Noel Gallagher actually write it or did Noel like so much that he had it put on the CD as a hidden track

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