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Nuclear Rabbit: Intestinal Fortitude

About “Homeboys”

“Homeboys” is a hidden song by Nuclear Rabbit from their album Intestinal Fortitude.

A funny song taking place at a softball game. The main sports star is Homeboy!

About Intestinal Fortitude

The Nuclear Rabbit album Intestinal Fortitude is a wild and eclectic ride through the realms of experimental metal and progressive rock. Released in 1998, the album showcases the band’s unique blend of heavy riffs, intricate compositions, and quirky humor.

Intestinal Fortitude is characterized by its technical musicianship, featuring complex guitar work, intricate drum patterns, and unpredictable song structures. The band’s fusion of different genres, including metal, funk, jazz, and punk, creates a dynamic and unpredictable sound that keeps listeners on their toes.

Lyrically, the album explores various themes, often with a humorous and satirical twist. Songs like “Flesh Eating Disease” and “Oblong Balls” demonstrate the band’s irreverent and sometimes absurd sense of humor.

With its unrelenting energy, technical prowess, and playful approach to music, Intestinal Fortitude solidifies Nuclear Rabbit as a standout act in the realm of experimental metal. The album’s unconventional and boundary-pushing sound continues to captivate fans of the genre to this day.

How to find “Homeboys”

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Listen to “Homeboys”

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