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Norm Stockton: Pondering The Sushi

About “Veggie Soup”

“Veggie Soup” is a hidden song by Norm Stockton from his album Pondering The Sushi.

Just a drum and bass bonanza.

About Pondering The Sushi

Pondering The Sushi is a 2007 instrumental album by bassist Norm Stockton. Known for his exceptional skills on the bass guitar, Stockton is a highly regarded musician in the world of contemporary Christian and gospel music.

The album offers a delightful blend of smooth jazz, funk, and fusion, showcasing Stockton’s virtuosity as a bassist. His playing style is marked by intricate bass lines, melodic solos, and a deep groove that underpins the entire album.

Pondering The Sushi is not only a showcase of Stockton’s technical prowess but also his ability to create engaging and enjoyable instrumental compositions. The title track, “Pondering the Sushi,” and other songs like “Mac ‘n Cheese” and “Rippin’ ‘n Tearin'” exhibit his playful and dynamic approach to music.

While Stockton may not be a household name, Pondering The Sushi demonstrates his significant contribution to the world of contemporary jazz and fusion, earning him recognition among bass enthusiasts and music aficionados.

How to find “Veggie Soup”

On CD: Go directly to track #13

Listen to “Veggie Soup”

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