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Nine Inch Nails: Broken

About “Physical (You’re So)”

“Physical (You’re So)” is a hidden song by Nine Inch Nails from their album Broken.

Only 6 songs are listed for the disc, but 7-97 are 1 second blank tracks.

“Physical (You’re So)” was originally recorded by Adam and the Ants and appeared as a b-side to their 1980 single “Dog Eat Dog”, which was taken from their album Kings of the Wild Frontier. It was a rerecording of an old favorite among fans which, up to this point, had been known as “Physical” or “You’re So Physical.” The track was not included on the UK edition of Kings of the Wild Frontier. However, when the album was released in the US, the track “Making History” was dropped in favor of “Physical (You’re So)” & “Press Darlings” (the b-side of “Kings of the Wild Frontier”) for the American release. A remastered version of the song is included on the Kings of the Wild Frontier deluxe edition.

About Broken

The Broken EP by Nine Inch Nails is a fierce and uncompromising release that showcases the raw and aggressive sound that the band is known for. Released in 1992, Broken serves as a precursor to the band’s critically acclaimed album The Downward Spiral. The EP consists of six tracks, including the powerful and controversial single “Happiness in Slavery.”

Broken delves into dark and confrontational themes, with its heavy industrial sound and intense lyrics exploring themes of anger, pain, and self-destruction. The EP’s production is meticulous, with layered industrial beats, distorted guitars, and Trent Reznor’s intense and anguished vocals driving the songs forward.

The release of Broken garnered attention not only for its aggressive sound but also for its controversial music videos and explicit content, leading to limited availability and censorship. Nevertheless, the EP remains a standout in Nine Inch Nails’ discography, showcasing their ability to create provocative and intense music that pushes boundaries and resonates with fans of industrial rock.

How to find “Physical (You’re So)”

On CD: Go directly to track #98

Listen to “Physical (You’re So)”

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