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N.E.R.D.: Fly or Die

About “Find My Way”

“Find My Way” is a hidden song by N.E.R.D. from their album Fly or Die.

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About Fly or Die

Fly or Die is the second studio album by the American rock and hip-hop group N.E.R.D. (No One Ever Really Dies). Released in 2004, the album showcases N.E.R.D.’s unique fusion of rock, funk, and hip-hop elements, delivering an energetic and eclectic sound.

With its rebellious and experimental approach, Fly or Die pushes the boundaries of traditional genre conventions. The album features infectious hooks, funky guitar riffs, and catchy melodies, all layered with Pharrell Williams’ distinctive vocals and the group’s signature production style.

The album explores various themes, including social commentary, personal introspection, and the pursuit of artistic freedom. Tracks like “She Wants to Move” and “Jump” embody the album’s lively and dynamic spirit, while songs like “Wonderful Place” showcase the group’s introspective side.

Fly or Die solidified N.E.R.D.’s reputation as innovators in the music industry, combining diverse influences and creative experimentation to create a refreshing and boundary-pushing album. It remains a standout release in the group’s discography and a testament to their artistic vision.

How to find “Find My Way”

On CD: Begins at 4:16 of track #12 (“Chariot Of Fire”)

Listen to “Find My Way”

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