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Natalie Merchant: Ophelia

About “Ophelia (Reprise)”

“Ophelia (Reprise)” is a hidden song by Natalie Merchant from her album Ophelia.

A beautiful orchestral instrumental reprise of the title track.

About Ophelia

Ophelia is the second solo studio album by American singer-songwriter Natalie Merchant, released in 1998. Known for her distinctive voice and poetic storytelling, Merchant takes listeners on a captivating musical journey in this album.

Ophelia explores themes of love, loss, longing, and introspection. The title track, “Ophelia,” draws inspiration from Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” and delves into the complexities of human emotions. Other standout tracks include the introspective “Kind & Generous” and the hauntingly beautiful “My Skin.”

Merchant’s ethereal vocals and introspective lyrics are complemented by a rich tapestry of instrumentation, including piano, strings, and subtle folk-rock arrangements. The album showcases her ability to craft evocative melodies and deliver powerful, heartfelt performances.

Ophelia received critical acclaim for its poetic lyrics, melodic sophistication, and Merchant’s powerful vocals. It further solidified her status as a talented singer-songwriter, showcasing her ability to create emotionally resonant and introspective music.

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