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Mr. Bungle: Disco Volante

About “Noises”

“Noises” is a hidden song by Mr. Bungle from their album Disco Volante.

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About Disco Volante

Disco Volante is the second studio album by the avant-garde rock band Mr. Bungle, released in 1995. The album showcases the band’s fearless experimentation and genre-bending approach, blending elements of metal, jazz, funk, and various other musical styles. It is known for its complex compositions, unconventional song structures, and a wide array of instruments and sound effects.

Disco Volante takes listeners on a wild and unpredictable journey through a sonic landscape that is both chaotic and captivating. From the frenetic energy of “Everyone I Went to High School With Is Dead” to the hauntingly atmospheric “The Bends,” the album is a showcase of the band’s musical virtuosity and penchant for pushing boundaries.

With its unconventional soundscapes, unconventional songwriting, and fearless exploration of different musical styles, Disco Volante solidified Mr. Bungle’s reputation as one of the most unique and innovative bands of their time. The album remains a cult favorite among fans of experimental and alternative music.

How to find “Noises”

On CD: Begins at 7:21 of “Merry Go Bye Bye”

Listen to “Noises”

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