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Moxy Fruvous: Wood

About “Organ Grinder”

“Organ Grinder” is a hidden song by Moxy Fruvous from their album Wood.

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About Wood

Wood is the second studio album by the Canadian folk-pop group Moxy Fruvous, released in 1995. The album showcases the band’s unique blend of witty lyrics, intricate harmonies, and genre-bending musical arrangements. With their signature four-part vocal harmonies and a wide range of instruments including acoustic guitars, accordion, mandolin, and percussion, Moxy Fruvous creates a rich and eclectic sound.

Wood features a mix of original compositions and covers, displaying the band’s versatility and creative songwriting. Standout tracks include the infectious and satirical “King of Spain,” the heartfelt ballad “Sad Today,” and the socially conscious “The Present Tense Tureen.”

With its clever wordplay, catchy melodies, and insightful social commentary, Wood exemplifies Moxy Fruvous’ ability to craft intelligent and entertaining songs. The album solidifies their status as one of Canada’s most unique and innovative musical acts, blending elements of folk, pop, and comedy to create a truly memorable listening experience.

How to find “Organ Grinder”

On CD: Begins about 2 minutes after the end of “Sad Today”

Listen to “Organ Grinder”

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