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Mono Puff: It's Fun To Steal

About “Hidden Track”

“Hidden Track” is a hidden song by Mono Puff from their album It’s Fun To Steal.

A bizarre song about being stuck in a hidden track, as well as an introduction to the album by Pat Dillet (from

About It’s Fun To Steal

It’s Fun To Steal is the debut album by Mono Puff, a side project of musician John Linnell, known for his work with the alternative rock duo They Might Be Giants. Released in 1998, the album showcases Linnell’s quirky songwriting and playful musical style.

It’s Fun To Steal offers a diverse mix of genres, ranging from alternative rock to pop and even elements of folk and country. The album is characterized by its catchy hooks, witty lyrics, and Linnell’s distinctive vocals. Tracks like “Hillbilly Drummer Girl” and “I Hate You” exhibit a lighthearted and humorous approach, while songs like “The Devil Went Down to Newport” and “Backstabbing Liar” delve into more introspective themes.

With its eclectic sound and clever songwriting, It’s Fun To Steal captures the essence of Mono Puff as a fun and experimental musical project. The album’s offbeat charm and infectious energy make it an enjoyable listen for fans of They Might Be Giants and those seeking a dose of playful and inventive music.

How to find “Hidden Track”

On CD: Rewind past the beginning of track #1

Listen to “Hidden Track”

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