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Moby: Hotel

About “35 Minutes”

“35 Minutes” is a hidden song by Moby from his album Hotel.

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About Hotel

Hotel is the seventh studio album by American musician Moby, released in 2005. The album represents a departure from Moby’s earlier electronic sound, incorporating a more rock-oriented approach with live instrumentation and a diverse range of musical styles. It features guest vocalists such as Sinead O’Connor and Laura Dawn, adding depth and texture to the tracks.

Hotel explores themes of introspection, longing, and contemplation, with Moby’s signature emotive and melodic style shining through. The album incorporates elements of rock, pop, electronic, and ambient music, creating a unique sonic landscape that is both introspective and atmospheric. Standout tracks include the moody and introspective “Lift Me Up,” the hauntingly beautiful “Spiders,” and the ethereal “Beautiful.”

With Hotel, Moby demonstrates his versatility as a musician and his ability to evolve his sound while maintaining his distinctive style. The album received positive reviews from critics and further solidified Moby’s place as a respected and innovative artist in the electronic and alternative music scenes.

How to find “35 Minutes”

On CD: Go directly to track # 15

Listen to “35 Minutes”

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