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MJ Cole: Cut To The Chase

About “What You Give”

“What You Give” is a hidden song by MJ Cole from his album Cut To The Chase.

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About Cut To The Chase

MJ Cole is a British garage and house music producer, and his debut album Cut To The Chase was released in 2000. The album showcases his unique sound that blends garage beats with orchestral elements and soulful vocals, resulting in a dynamic and uplifting sound. The album features guest appearances from UK garage legends such as Elizabeth Troy and Vula Malinga, who provide powerful and soulful vocals on tracks like “Crazy Love” and “Hold On to Me”.

The standout tracks on the album include the hit singles “Sincere” and “Crazy Love,” which both reached the UK top 40, and showcase MJ Cole’s ability to create infectious grooves and memorable hooks. Other tracks on the album, like “Alcatraz” and “Slum King,” showcase his more experimental side, with glitchy beats and atmospheric textures.

Cut To The Chase is a timeless classic of the UK garage and house scene, and a testament to MJ Cole’s talent as a producer and musician.

How to find “What You Give”

On CD: Go directly to track #50

Listen to “What You Give”

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