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Misfits: American Psycho

About “Hell Night”

“Hell Night” is a hidden song by Misfits from their album American Psycho.

Written by Misfits with Daniel Rey and based on Hell Night, a horror film released in 1981 directed by Tom DeSimone. The movie follows a group of college fraternity and sorority pledges who are tasked with spending the night in an old, reportedly haunted mansion as part of their initiation ritual. The mansion is rumored to be the site of gruesome murders that took place years ago.

Hell Night is known for its atmospheric setting, suspenseful sequences, and a blend of slasher and supernatural elements. It stars Linda Blair, who gained fame for her role in The Exorcist, in the lead role. The film has garnered a cult following over the years and is regarded as a classic entry in the 1980s horror genre.

About American Psycho

American Psycho is the fifth studio album by the American horror punk band Misfits. Released in 1997, it marked a significant shift in the band’s sound, incorporating a more polished and heavy metal-influenced sound compared to their earlier punk rock style. The album features the lineup of Jerry Only on bass and vocals, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein on guitar, and Dr. Chud on drums.

American Psycho is known for its dark and horror-themed lyrics, exploring themes of violence, death, and macabre imagery. It includes notable tracks such as “Dig Up Her Bones,” “Helena,” and a cover of the Ramones’ “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker.” The album received mixed reviews from fans and critics, with some appreciating the band’s evolution in sound, while others yearned for their earlier punk roots.

Despite the mixed reception, American Psycho remains a significant release in the Misfits’ discography, showcasing their ability to blend punk rock energy with heavy metal elements and cementing their status as pioneers of horror punk.

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