Meat Loaf: “Mercury Blues” from Couldn’t Have Said It Better

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Meat Loaf: Couldn't Have Said It Better

About “Mercury Blues”

“Mercury Blues” is a hidden song by Meat Loaf from his album Couldn’t Have Said It Better.

“Mercury Blues” was originally recorded by K.C. Douglas in 1949. It was written by K. C. Douglas and Robert L. Geddins.

The song’s lyrics revolve around the theme of a desire for a Mercury automobile, which was a popular car brand at the time. It uses automotive-related imagery and metaphors to convey the singer’s enthusiasm for owning a Mercury and the joy of cruising in it.

K.C. Douglas’s version of “Mercury Blues” features his raw and expressive vocals accompanied by his acoustic guitar playing. The song’s infectious energy and memorable hooks made it a regional hit and a favorite among blues enthusiasts.

Over the years, “Mercury Blues” has been covered by various artists, including Steve Miller, David Lindley, and Alan Jackson, among others, making it a timeless blues classic.

About Couldn’t Have Said It Better

Couldn’t Have Said It Better is the eighth studio album by American rock artist Meat Loaf, released in 2003. It is a powerful and emotionally charged record that showcases Meat Loaf’s signature theatrical style and soaring vocals.

The album features a mix of rock ballads and anthemic tracks, combining grandiose arrangements with heartfelt storytelling. Meat Loaf’s larger-than-life presence shines through on songs like “Did I Say That,” “Man of Steel,” and the title track “Couldn’t Have Said It Better,” delivering impassioned performances that leave a lasting impact.

Couldn’t Have Said It Better also features notable collaborations with artists like Patti Russo and Brian May, adding depth and diversity to the album’s sound. The production is rich and polished, highlighting the epic nature of Meat Loaf’s music.

With its bold sound and emotionally charged lyrics, Couldn’t Have Said It Better solidifies Meat Loaf’s status as a rock icon, appealing to both longtime fans and newcomers alike. It is a testament to his theatricality and ability to create compelling and memorable rock music.

How to find “Mercury Blues”

On CD: Play through the last track, track #12 (“Mercury Blues”)

Listen to “Mercury Blues”

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