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Maxwell: Embrya

About “Gestation: Mythos”

“Gestation: Mythos” is a hidden song by Maxwell from his album Embrya.

“Gestation: Mythos” was found in the pregap on the original edition of Embrya. On later editions it was moved to track #1, and on the 2019 remaster it was moved to the end of the album.

About Embrya

Embrya is the second studio album by American neo-soul artist Maxwell, released in 1998. Known for his smooth vocals and sensuous R&B sound, Maxwell takes a more experimental and introspective approach with this album, exploring themes of love, spirituality, and personal growth.

The album’s production is rich and atmospheric, with lush arrangements and layered instrumentation. Maxwell’s soulful voice glides effortlessly over the hypnotic beats and intricate melodies, creating a captivating sonic experience. Tracks like “Luxury: Cococure,” “Matrimony: Maybe You,” and “Everwanting: To Want You to Want” showcase his ability to blend elements of soul, jazz, and electronic music into a cohesive and evocative sound.

Embrya received critical acclaim for its innovative production, intimate lyrics, and Maxwell’s captivating vocal performance. The album further solidified Maxwell’s status as a leading figure in the neo-soul movement and helped redefine the boundaries of contemporary R&B.

With its sultry grooves and introspective themes, Embrya remains a standout album in Maxwell’s discography, showcasing his artistic growth and willingness to push the boundaries of his musical style.

How to find “Gestation: Mythos”

On CD: Rewind past the beginning of track #1

Listen to “Gestation: Mythos”

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