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Matthew Good: White Light Rock & Roll Review

About “Hopeless”

“Hopeless” is a hidden song by Matthew Good from his album White Light Rock & Roll Review.

Initially planned to be left off the record because it was deemed “too country” by the record producers. It is 2:56 long.

About White Light Rock & Roll Review

Matthew Good’s fifth studio album, White Light Rock & Roll Review, was released in 2004. The album was a departure from his previous work, featuring a more stripped-down, guitar-driven sound, with influences ranging from classic rock to punk. It was also the first album to feature his backing band, The Black Mollies.

The album is characterized by its raw, energetic sound and emotionally charged lyrics, with songs that deal with themes such as addiction, depression, and relationships. The opening track, “Put Out Your Lights,” sets the tone for the album with its powerful guitar riff and Good’s intense vocals. “Alert Status Red” is a standout track with its infectious melody and politically charged lyrics, while “A Long Way Down” showcases Good’s skillful songwriting and poignant lyrics.

White Light Rock & Roll Review received critical acclaim upon its release, with many critics praising Good’s songwriting and the album’s powerful, cathartic sound. It remains a fan favorite and a testament to Good’s evolution as a musician.

How to find “Hopeless”

On CD: Begins about 36 seconds after the end of track #12 (“Ex-Pats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra”)

Listen to “Hopeless”

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