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Mastodon: Blood Mountain

About this hidden track

(Title Unknown) is a hidden song by Mastodon from their album Blood Mountain.

A fan letter read aloud by Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, who performed guest vocals on the song “Colony of Birchmen”

About Blood Mountain

Blood Mountain is the third studio album by American progressive metal band Mastodon, released in 2006. It is widely regarded as a landmark release in the band’s discography and the progressive metal genre as a whole.

The album takes listeners on an epic journey through a mystical and treacherous mountain landscape, both lyrically and musically. With its intricate song structures, complex instrumentation, and powerful vocals, Blood Mountain showcases Mastodon’s technical prowess and their ability to seamlessly blend heavy, aggressive riffs with progressive and melodic elements.

The album’s themes revolve around the struggle for survival, with lyrics delving into mythical creatures, spiritual quests, and introspective introspections. The band’s tight musicianship and intricate arrangements create a sense of tension and urgency throughout the album, reflecting the challenges faced by the album’s protagonist on their dangerous ascent up Blood Mountain.

Blood Mountain solidified Mastodon’s reputation as one of the leading forces in modern progressive metal, showcasing their ability to push boundaries and deliver an immersive musical experience.

How to find this hidden track

On CD: Begins after 16:20 of silence following the end of “Pendulous Skin” of track 12.

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