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Marilyn Manson: Mechanical Animals

About “Untitled”

“Untitled” is a hidden song by Marilyn Manson from their album Mechanical Animals.

This song is only found by putting the CD into your PC. It will show two pieces of artwork from Manson and play a continuing loop of spoken word and music.

About Mechanical Animals

Mechanical Animals is the third studio album by Marilyn Manson, released in 1998. It marks a significant shift in the band’s sound and image, moving away from the aggressive industrial metal of their previous albums towards a more melodic and glam-inspired sound. The album explores themes of identity, alienation, and the dehumanizing effects of fame and consumer culture.

With tracks like “The Dope Show,” “Rock Is Dead,” and “Coma White,” Mechanical Animals showcases a blend of catchy hooks, infectious melodies, and introspective lyrics. The album’s sound draws influence from classic rock and glam rock, incorporating elements of synthesizers and layered production.

Mechanical Animals received critical acclaim for its artistic ambition and the band’s ability to evolve their sound while maintaining their signature provocative and thought-provoking style. It stands as a landmark album in Marilyn Manson’s discography, showcasing their versatility and pushing the boundaries of alternative and rock music.

How to find “Untitled”

On CD: Plays automatically when disc is put in a computer CD drive

Listen to “Untitled”

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