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Live: Throwing Copper

About “Horse”

“Horse” is a hidden song by Live from their album Throwing Copper.

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About Throwing Copper

Live’s sophomore album, Throwing Copper, released in 1994, marked a turning point for the Pennsylvania-based alternative rock band. With its introspective lyrics and spiritually charged sound, the album became a commercial success, selling over eight million copies in the United States alone. The album’s lead single, “Selling the Drama,” received significant airplay, followed by other hit singles such as “Lightning Crashes,” “I Alone,” and “All Over You.”

Throwing Copper showcased Live’s musical versatility and experimentation, blending alternative, grunge, and even a touch of heavy metal elements. The album’s lyrics are deeply personal and often touch on themes of faith, love, and mortality. Vocalist Ed Kowalczyk’s soaring vocals are the centerpiece of the album, supported by the driving guitars of Chad Taylor, the melodic bass of Patrick Dahlheimer, and the powerful drumming of Chad Gracey.

How to find “Horse”

On CD: Go directly to track #14

Listen to “Horse”

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