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Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes: Supernova

About “Breathe”

“Breathe” is a hidden song by Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes from her album Supernova.

Featuring Grant Geissman and Tangi Forman.

About Supernova

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who gained fame as a member of the Grammy Award-winning hip hop group TLC. Lopes released her debut and only solo album, Supernova, in 2001, just a few months before her untimely death in a car accident.

Supernova features Lopes’ signature rapping style along with a mix of pop, R&B, and rock influences. The album’s lead single “The Block Party” features a sample from the Beastie Boys’ “Ch-Check It Out” and showcases Lopes’ lyrical skills and playful energy. The album also includes collaborations with artists such as Missy Elliott, CeeLo Green, and Andre 3000.

Although Supernova received mixed reviews upon its release, it was praised for its diversity and experimentation with different genres. Lopes’ unique style and personality shine through on the album, making it a memorable addition to her legacy as a talented artist.

How to find “Breathe”

On CD: Play through track #12 (“A New Star Is Born”)

Listen to “Breathe”

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