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Lamb: What Sound

About “Blessing in Disguise”

“Blessing in Disguise” is a hidden song by Lamb from their album What Sound.

Written by Andrew Barlow and Louise Rhodes.

About What Sound

Lamb’s third album What Sound is a beautiful and captivating mix of electronic and acoustic sounds that showcase the duo’s musical versatility. The album is a blend of trip-hop, drum and bass, and ambient elements that work together to create a unique sound that is both melodic and experimental. The album features the haunting vocals of lead singer Lou Rhodes, which are a perfect match for the moody and atmospheric beats created by instrumentalist Andy Barlow.

The tracks on What Sound range from the more upbeat and danceable “Gabriel” and “Wonder” to the more introspective and melancholy “One” and “Small” with its dreamy piano and string arrangements. The standout track on the album is the hauntingly beautiful “Gorecki,” which features Rhodes’ emotive vocals set against a backdrop of strings and acoustic guitar.

What Sound is a stunning and highly recommended album that showcases Lamb’s skillful songwriting and musicality, and is a must-listen for fans of electronic music and trip-hop.

How to find “Blessing in Disguise”

On CD: Play through the last track (track #11, “Just Is”)

Listen to “Blessing in Disguise”

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