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Kyuss: ...And The Circus Leaves Town

About “Day One (To Dave & Chris)”

“Day One (To Dave & Chris)” is a hidden song by Kyuss from their album …And The Circus Leaves Town.

This song is supposed to be dedicated to the remaining members of Nirvana Dave Grohl & Kris Novoselic, since this record is from 1995 (after Kurt Cobain died).

About …And The Circus Leaves Town

Kyuss was a stoner rock band from California that became a cornerstone of the desert rock movement. Their final album, …And The Circus Leaves Town, was released in 1995 and showcased their signature heavy, fuzzed-out sound, along with psychedelic and blues influences. The album features the band’s original line-up, including Josh Homme on guitar before he went on to form Queens of the Stone Age.

The opening track, “Hurricane”, sets the tone with its heavy, droning riffs and hypnotic rhythm. Other standout tracks include “One Inch Man”, with its bluesy guitar work and catchy chorus, and the epic “Spaceship Landing”, which features extended jamming and trippy soundscapes. The album also features some of Kyuss’s most introspective and experimental songs, such as “Phototropic” and “Catamaran”.

…And The Circus Leaves Town is a fitting swan song for Kyuss and a testament to their influence on modern heavy music.

How to find “Day One (To Dave & Chris)”

On CD: Play through the last track (“Spaceship Landing”)

Listen to “Day One (To Dave & Chris)”

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