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Kylie Minogue: Light Years

About “Password”

“Password” is a hidden song by Kylie Minogue from her album Light Years.

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About Light Years

Light Years is the seventh studio album by Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue, released in 2000. It marked a significant turning point in Minogue’s career, as it saw her embracing a more dance-pop sound and adopting a glamorous and playful image. The album was a commercial success, reaching the top of the charts in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Light Years is known for its infectious and energetic pop sound, incorporating elements of disco and dance music. The album features several hit singles, including “Spinning Around,” “On a Night Like This,” and “Kids” (a duet with Robbie Williams), which further propelled Minogue’s international success. The album showcases Minogue’s versatility as a performer, with catchy hooks, upbeat rhythms, and empowering lyrics.

Light Years not only rejuvenated Minogue’s career but also solidified her status as an iconic pop artist. It remains a fan favorite and a testament to Minogue’s ability to deliver infectious and memorable pop music.

How to find “Password”

On CD: Rewind from the beginning of track #1 to about -3:50

Listen to “Password”

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