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Korn: Untouchables

About “Here To Stay (T-Ray’s Mix)”

“Here To Stay (T-Ray’s Mix)” is a hidden song by Korn from their album Untouchables.

A hidden track on the limited edition, it is on its own track on some non-limited edition pressings.

About Untouchables

Korn’s fifth studio album, Untouchables, was released in 2002 and is considered by many fans and critics to be one of the band’s best works. The album showcases a darker, more introspective side of the band while still retaining their signature heavy sound.

The album’s opening track, “Here to Stay,” sets the tone for the rest of the record with its pounding drums and grooving bassline, while songs like “Embrace” and “Alone I Break” showcase the band’s ability to craft emotionally charged ballads. The album also features a guest appearance by rapper Nas on the track “Play Me.”

Untouchables explores themes of isolation, depression, and the struggle to find one’s place in the world. Lead singer Jonathan Davis’ haunting vocals bring a sense of raw emotion to the songs, making them all the more powerful.

How to find “Here To Stay (T-Ray’s Mix)”

Begins at 5:06 of track #14 (“No One’s There”)

Listen to “Here To Stay (T-Ray’s Mix)”

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