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Korn: Issues

About “Am I Going Crazy (alternate version)”

“Am I Going Crazy (alternate version)” is a hidden song by Korn from their album Issues.

In advance versions of the album, track #16 (“Dirty”) ends at 3:46 without the static that plays for several minutes at the end of the original version, followed by an alternative version of “Am I Going Crazy” which does not contain the reversed channel.

About Issues

Korn’s fourth album, Issues, was released in 1999 and is widely regarded as one of the band’s strongest releases. It features a blend of heavy, nu-metal riffing, dark lyrics, and emotive vocals from lead singer Jonathan Davis. The album tackles a range of topics, from drug addiction and mental illness to broken relationships and societal issues.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Falling Away From Me,” which features a haunting guitar riff and Davis’ signature vocal delivery. Other notable tracks include “Beg For Me,” “Make Me Bad,” and “Somebody Someone.”

Issues also features a strong emphasis on experimentation, with elements of industrial, electronica, and hip-hop infused into the band’s signature sound. This is most evident on tracks like “Hey Daddy” and “Trash,” which incorporate distorted vocals, synth sounds, and electronic beats.

How to find “Am I Going Crazy (alternate version)”

On CD: Play through track #16 (“Dirty”)

Listen to “Am I Going Crazy (alternate version)”

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