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KMFDM: Nihil

About “Nihil”

“Nihil” is a hidden song by KMFDM from their album Nihil.

Appears only on the version issued by Wax Trax!/TVT Records.

About Nihil

KMFDM’s Nihil is a hard-hitting industrial rock album that’s filled with abrasive sounds, aggressive beats, and angst-ridden lyrics. Released in 1995, the album was produced by the band’s founder, Sascha Konietzko, and features a lineup of vocalists and musicians that includes En Esch, Raymond Watts, and Günter Schulz. From the opening track “Ultra” to the final cut “It”, Nihil is an intense and unrelenting album that showcases KMFDM’s unique sound and style. Songs like “Juke-Joint Jezebel” and “Brute” are prime examples of the band’s ability to mix pounding rhythms, distorted guitars, and electronic beats with catchy hooks and memorable melodies. The lyrics are often political, confrontational, and darkly humorous, touching on themes of power, corruption, and rebellion. Nihil is a classic album of the industrial rock genre and a must-listen for fans of KMFDM and similar bands.

How to find “Nihil”

On CD: Play through track 10 (“Trust”), Wax Trax!/TVT version only

Listen to “Nihil”

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