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Kiss: Destroyer

This piece was the work of album producer Bob Ezrin who overlaid the choir effects from “Great Expectations” with some of Paul Stanley’s vocals from Alive! and looped them for around one minute and twenty seconds. Test pressings of the LP at Sterling Sound made in February, 1976 used the title “Rock And Roll Demons” but is commonly referred to as “Rock and Roll Party” as that is the most identifiable lyric.

Two different reasons have been given for the piece. Bob Ezrin has explained, “It was necessary to round off the experience if you were listening to the album from top to bottom and that you really needed something to close the book.” Alternatively, Paul Stanley has said that the piece was created because the album felt too short, reasoning, “Bob was trying to think of a way to extend the album, because as good as it was, it was short… We needed to fill up the record.”

The original vinyl LP did not list the track. The remastered CD featured the hidden song on its own track. Some versions of the vinyl do not include the track.

How to find it: Vinyl version: Play through the last track; Remastered CD version: Go directly to track #10

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3 Responses

  1. Dave B says:

    Two things wrong here: the line “Rock and roll party” was not taken from Alive. If you listen really closely, the way he says it on Destroyer is not exactly the same as on Alive between Deuce and Strutter at all. And, in this article they’ve quoted the line from Alive incorrectly. He says to the audience “it looks like we’re gonna have ourselves, a rock and roll party night”

  2. Jason Volkoff says:

    AAAAND, the track wasn’t put in as a joke. It was put in to extend the running time on the album to make it an LP and not an EP to fulfill contractual album delivery requirements….

  3. Adam J Stafford says:

    I’ve heard stories that Metamorpho actually sings on this track?

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