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Kiss: Destroyer

Nothing more than the song “Great Expections” (from this same album) played backward, with the line “Rock and roll party!” tacked on, lifted from Kiss Alive!, where Paul Stanley yells, “Are we gonna have a rock and roll party tonight?” The track was a joke by the band in response to claims that rock music contained backward messages. The popular title was given by fans as it was the only audible line in the song. The original vinyl version did not list the track; the remastered CD featured the hidden song on its own track.

How to find it: Vinyl version: Play through the last track; Remastered CD version: Go directly to track #10

Submitted by: EAM

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2 Responses

  1. Dave B says:

    Two things wrong here: the line “Rock and roll party” was not taken from Alive. If you listen really closely, the way he says it on Destroyer is not exactly the same as on Alive between Deuce and Strutter at all. And, in this article they’ve quoted the line from Alive incorrectly. He says to the audience “it looks like we’re gonna have ourselves, a rock and roll party night”

  2. Jason Volkoff says:

    AAAAND, the track wasn’t put in as a joke. It was put in to extend the running time on the album to make it an LP and not an EP to fulfill contractual album delivery requirements….

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