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King Diamond: Voodoo

About “Unclean Spirits (backward)”

“Unclean Spirits (backward)” is a hidden song by King Diamond from their album Voodoo.

A backward version of the 11th track “Unclean Spirits”. Plays after 7 minutes of silence following the end of “Aftermath”.

About Voodoo

King Diamond’s 8th studio album Voodoo was released in 1998 and is a concept album about a voodoo practitioner named Salem who seeks revenge on the descendants of those who wronged him in the past. The album features a lineup change with guitarist Mike Wead and drummer John Luke Hébert replacing Andy LaRocque and Snowy Shaw, respectively.

Voodoo has a dark and eerie atmosphere, with King Diamond’s signature falsetto vocals providing a haunting quality to the music. The guitar work is intricate and technical, with some impressive solos scattered throughout the album. The songs are well-constructed and feature a variety of tempos and moods, from the fast-paced “Unclean Spirits” to the more atmospheric “One Down Two To Go”. The album’s standout track is arguably “Voodoo”, with its memorable chorus and intense guitar riff.

How to find “Unclean Spirits (backward)”

On CD: Begins at 8:45 of track #14 (“Aftermath”)

Listen to “Unclean Spirits (backward)”

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