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Kevin Roth: Reawakening

About “Dorothy”

“Dorothy” is a hidden song by Kevin Roth from his album Reawakening.

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About Reawakening

Reawakening stands as a compelling album by Kevin Roth, reflecting his deep connection with folk and acoustic music. Released in 2016, the album encapsulates Roth’s ability to infuse heartfelt emotions into his music. With his gentle vocals and intricate guitar work, Roth creates a serene and contemplative atmosphere. The album’s tracks, such as “Clarity” and “One,” showcase his skill in crafting evocative melodies that resonate with listeners.

Reawakening is a testament to Roth’s commitment to his craft and his dedication to preserving the essence of folk music. The album’s introspective themes and soothing soundscapes invite listeners on a reflective journey. Roth’s artistry lies in his ability to convey a sense of nostalgia while offering a fresh perspective, making Reawakening a must-listen for folk music enthusiasts and those seeking a tranquil musical experience.

How to find “Dorothy”

On CD: Begins about 1 minute after the end of “Love Is” (track #12)

Listen to “Dorothy”

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