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Kelly Clarkson: My December

About “Chivas”

“Chivas” is a hidden song by Kelly Clarkson from her album My December.

Kelly Clarkson wrote “Chivas” when she had been drinking at a bar. She had seen an ex-boyfriend which put her in a bad place, so she wrote “Chivas.”

About My December

Kelly Clarkson’s third studio album, My December, marked a departure from her previous pop-rock sound and saw the artist exploring darker, more personal themes. Released in 2007, the album features Clarkson’s songwriting skills more prominently, with her co-writing every song on the album. The lead single, “Never Again,” was a scathing breakup anthem that showcased Clarkson’s powerful vocals and demonstrated her willingness to push boundaries with her music.

While My December received mixed reviews upon release, it has since gained a cult following among Clarkson’s fans who appreciate the album’s raw honesty and emotional depth. From the haunting ballad “Sober” to the angsty rocker “Judas,” each track on My December showcases Clarkson’s range as both a singer and a songwriter. Despite facing resistance from her record label at the time of its release, My December has proven to be a defining moment in Clarkson’s career, solidifying her status as a respected artist capable of producing thought-provoking and introspective music.

How to find “Chivas”

Begins at approximately 5:18 of track 13 (“Irvine”)

Listen to “Chivas”

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