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Kelis: Wanderland

About “Star Wars”

“Star Wars” is a hidden song by Kelis from her album Wanderland.

“Star Wars” is the first of two hidden songs from Wanderland, followed by “I Don’t Care Anymore”.

About Wanderland

Kelis’ second album Wanderland is an adventurous and experimental take on R&B, with a heavy influence from trip-hop and electronic music. Released in 2001, the album was not a commercial success upon its initial release but has since gained a cult following. Kelis showcases her versatility as a vocalist and songwriter on this album, delivering catchy hooks and powerful performances on tracks such as “Young, Fresh n’ New” and “In The Morning.” The production on Wanderland is heavily layered and atmospheric, with dreamy synths and intricate percussion giving each track a unique sonic identity. Kelis collaborated with a range of producers on the album, including The Neptunes and Rae & Christian, resulting in a diverse and dynamic sound. Wanderland is a bold and experimental album that stands as a testament to Kelis’ creativity and artistry, and remains a beloved gem in her discography.

How to find “Star Wars”

On CD: Play through the last track (track #14 “Little Suzie”)

Listen to “Star Wars”

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