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Justice: Audio Video Disco

Sometimes incorrectly labeled with the title “Haimalmattack”.

How to find it: Play through the last track (track #11, “Audio, Video, Disco”)

Submitted by: Romain Rosset

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4 Responses

  1. Robin says:

    I do wonder where the claim of “incorrectly labelled” comes from, since the title comes FROM THE BAND!

    • It is usually a miscommunication between the band and the record label, or the record label and whoever printed or set up the sleeves.

      • Robin says:

        However. While it is unlisted on the main album another release actually contains the same song with the title “Presence” and considering I have yet to see it referred to as anything the other. The title Hailmalattack is wrong and the song title is Presence.

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