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Journey: Trial By Fire

About “Baby I’m A-Leavin’ You”

“Baby I’m A-Leavin’ You” is a hidden song by Journey from their album Trial By Fire.

Also known as “Baby I’m Leaving You.” The song is also found on the 2001 compilation The Essential Journey.

About Trial By Fire

Journey’s 1996 album Trial By Fire marked the band’s comeback after a long hiatus. The album features the lead vocals of Steve Perry, who had not recorded with the band since their 1986 album “Raised On Radio”. The album was a commercial success, reaching #3 on the US Billboard 200 chart and receiving a platinum certification.

Trial By Fire continues in the classic Journey style, with soaring guitars and Perry’s distinctive vocals. The opening track “Message Of Love” sets the tone for the album, with its driving guitar riff and Perry’s powerful vocals. The ballads “When You Love A Woman” and “Still She Cries” showcase Perry’s emotional range as a singer, while the rockers “Castles Burning” and “Can’t Tame The Lion” display the band’s trademark energy and musicianship.

How to find “Baby I’m A-Leavin’ You”

On CD: Go directly to track #15

Listen to “Baby I’m A-Leavin’ You”

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