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Joss Stone: Mind Body & Soul

About “Daniel”

“Daniel” is a hidden song by Joss Stone from her album Mind Body & Soul.

Sung with only a piano accompaniment.

About Mind Body & Soul

Mind Body & Soul is the second studio album by British soul singer Joss Stone, released in 2004 when she was just 17 years old. This album marked a significant step in Stone’s career as she continued to establish herself as a powerhouse in the world of contemporary soul and R&B.

The album is a soulful journey filled with heartfelt lyrics and Stone’s mature, sultry voice. It includes hit singles like “You Had Me” and “Right to Be Wrong,” which became radio staples and showcased her impressive vocal range and emotional depth. Stone’s ability to infuse her music with the timeless sounds of classic soul while adding her unique, youthful flair was a defining feature of this album.

Mind Body & Soul earned critical acclaim and commercial success, cementing Joss Stone’s reputation as one of the leading voices in the neo-soul revival. It remains a beloved album for fans of soul and R&B music, and it solidified Stone’s status as an artist with a bright future ahead.

How to find “Daniel”

On CD: Play through track #14 (“Sleep Like a Child”)

Listen to “Daniel”

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