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John Cale: Hobo Sapiens

About “Set Me Free”

“Set Me Free” is a hidden song by John Cale from his album HoboSapiens.

A remix of a song from Walking On Locusts, his previous release. On European editions the track is accessed by scrolling back/rewind feature to get to it. It’s documented in the fine print on the CD booklet. The song is a bonus track on North American editions.

About HoboSapiens

John Cale is a Welsh musician and composer who gained prominence as a founding member of the Velvet Underground. He has since had a prolific solo career, spanning several decades and dozens of albums. One of his more critically acclaimed albums is HoboSapiens, which was released in 2003.

The album is a mix of experimental rock, electronic music, and art-pop, showcasing Cale’s ability to blend different genres and sounds. The lyrics are often abstract and thought-provoking, with themes ranging from politics to personal reflections on life. The title track is a standout, with its driving beat and layered instrumentation, while “Bicycle” is a more introspective ballad that showcases Cale’s emotive vocals.

HoboSapiens is a unique and compelling album that demonstrates Cale’s continued innovation and creativity as a musician and is a must-listen for fans of experimental rock.

How to find “Set Me Free”

On CD (European edition): Rewind to -4:32 of track #1

Listen to “Set Me Free”

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