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Joe Walsh: But Seriously Folks

About “A Flock of Waa-Waas!”

“A Flock of Waa-Waas!” is a hidden song by Joe Walsh from his album But Seriously, Folks…

Sometimes called “Flock of Wah-Wahs!” because after “Life’s Been Good” fades out, a voice says “Uh oh! Here comes a flock of wah-wahs!”

About But Seriously, Folks…

But Seriously, Folks… is the fourth studio album by American rock musician Joe Walsh, released in 1978. It marked a significant milestone in Walsh’s solo career after his departure from the James Gang and his earlier work with Barnstorm.

The album is best known for its hit single “Life’s Been Good,” a satirical and self-reflective song that combines rock and humor to comment on the excesses and challenges of the rock star lifestyle. The track features Walsh’s signature guitar work and catchy melodies, becoming one of his most popular and enduring songs.

But Seriously, Folks… showcases Walsh’s versatile songwriting and guitar skills, incorporating elements of rock, country, and blues. The album explores various themes, including personal introspection, relationships, and social commentary. It features a blend of energetic rockers and heartfelt ballads, with Walsh’s distinctive vocals and witty lyrics shining throughout.

The album received critical acclaim and achieved commercial success, solidifying Joe Walsh’s status as a solo artist and earning him a dedicated fan base. But Seriously, Folks… remains a classic in Walsh’s catalog and a testament to his musical talent and songwriting prowess.

How to find “A Flock of Waa-Waas!”

On CD: Play through the last track (“Life’s Been Good”)

Listen to “A Flock of Waa-Waas!”

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