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Jebediah: Of Someday Shambles

About “Big Beer Wall”

“Big Beer Wall” is a hidden song by Jebediah from their album Of Someday Shambles.

Also appears on their compilation album Glee Sides And Sparities.

About Of Someday Shambles

Jebediah’s second album Of Someday Shambles is a prime example of Australian indie rock at its finest. Released in 1999, the album features a collection of 14 upbeat and catchy tracks that showcase the band’s signature sound of crunchy guitars, driving rhythms, and frontman Kevin Mitchell’s distinctive vocals. From the opening track “Star Machine” to the closing song “Trapdoor”, the album is filled with infectious melodies and anthemic choruses that have become staples of the band’s live shows.

Lyrically, the album covers a range of topics, including relationships, self-discovery, and social commentary. Songs like “Feet Touch The Ground” and “Benedict” showcase the band’s ability to write introspective and emotive lyrics that connect with listeners on a personal level. The album was critically acclaimed upon its release, with many praising its raw energy and youthful exuberance. Of Someday Shambles remains a standout album in the Australian indie rock canon, and a beloved fan favorite to this day.

How to find “Big Beer Wall”

On CD: Rewind from the beginning of track 1

Listen to “Big Beer Wall”

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