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Jason Morant: Abandon

About “All That I See”

“All That I See” is a hidden song by Jason Morant from his album Abandon.

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About Abandon

Abandon is the fourth studio album by Jason Morant, a contemporary Christian singer-songwriter. Released in 2006, the album showcases Morant’s passionate vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and melodic acoustic sound.

Abandon offers a collection of worshipful songs that invite listeners into a deep connection with God. Morant’s emotive vocals convey a sense of vulnerability and authenticity, creating an intimate and worshipful atmosphere. The album’s production is tastefully understated, allowing the focus to remain on the heartfelt lyrics and Morant’s soulful delivery.

Tracks like “Hallelujah Jesus” and “Let There Be Love” are powerful anthems of praise, while songs like “Give Me Your Heart” and “You Gave Your Life Away” explore themes of surrender and devotion. Morant’s ability to blend contemporary pop sensibilities with a worshipful spirit shines throughout the album.

Abandon is a testament to Jason Morant’s talent as a songwriter and worship leader, offering a compelling and engaging musical experience for listeners seeking heartfelt and worshipful music.

How to find “All That I See”

On CD: Play through the last track (“I Delight”)

Listen to “All That I See”

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