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Incubus: Enjoy Incubus

About “Hidden Bonus”

“Hidden Bonus” is a hidden song by Incubus from their album Enjoy Incubus.

About Enjoy Incubus

Enjoy Incubus is an EP by the American alternative rock band Incubus, released in 1997. The album features 6 tracks that highlight the band’s diverse musical style, combining elements of metal, funk, and alternative rock.

The EP’s lead track, “You Will Be a Hot Dancer,” starts with a groovy bass line and features frontman Brandon Boyd’s unique vocals and poetic lyrics. “Shaft” showcases the band’s heavier side with a prominent guitar riff, while “Take Me to Your Leader” features a more experimental sound with electronic elements and distortion effects.

The EP also includes two live tracks, “Azwethinkweiz” and “Hilikus,” which showcase the band’s energetic live performances and improvisational skills. Enjoy Incubus is a solid introduction to the band’s eclectic sound, blending genres and creating a unique musical identity that has made them a beloved band among alternative rock fans.

How to find “Hidden Bonus”

On CD: Begins at 13:56 of track #6 (“Hilikus”)

Listen to “Hidden Bonus”

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