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Ima Robot: Ima Robot

About “Black Jettas”

“Black Jettas” is a hidden song by Ima Robot from their album Ima Robot.

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About Ima Robot

Ima Robot’s self-titled debut album Ima Robot is an eclectic mix of rock, pop, and electronic music. Released in 2003, the album is a dynamic and energetic ride, with a sound that draws heavily from punk rock and new wave influences. Led by frontman Alex Ebert, the band delivers a high-energy performance throughout the album, with catchy hooks and danceable beats.

The opening track, “Disconnect,” sets the tone with its driving guitar riffs and pulsating electronic beats. Other standout tracks include the anthemic “Dynomite,” the infectious “A Is for Action,” and the moody, atmospheric “Song #1.”

While the album never quite achieves the same level of success as some of its contemporaries, Ima Robot remains a fun and engaging listen that showcases the band’s unique blend of styles and influences.

How to find “Black Jettas”

On CD: Play through track #11 (“What Are We Made From?”) on the original release. Play through track #13 (“Strangler’s Theme”) on the Japanese release

Listen to “Black Jettas”

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