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Iggy Pop: Skull Ring

About “Nervous Exhaustion”

“Nervous Exhaustion” is a song by Iggy Pop from his album Skull Ring.

The track was recorded with The Trolls, an American rock band formed by Iggy Pop, which also consisted by Whitey Kirst on guitar, Alex Kirst on drums, Pete Marshall on guitar, and Mooseman on bass.

The band first played on Iggy Pop’s album Beat ‘Em Up in 2001, and they also appeared on seven tracks on Skull Ring, after which they dissolved.

Bassist Mooseman died in a drive-by shooting on February 22, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, in which he was not the intended target, four months before the release of Beat ‘Em Up.

Drummer Alex Kirst was killed in a hit-and run near his home in Cathedral City, California, on January 13, 2011.

About Skull Ring

Released in 2003, Skull Ring is the seventeenth studio album by legendary punk rock artist Iggy Pop. The album features a range of guest musicians, including Green Day, Sum 41, and The Trolls, and it’s split into two halves: one featuring studio recordings, and the other featuring live tracks.

The album’s sound reflects a blend of Iggy’s classic punk rock style with some experimentation in other genres like alternative rock and garage rock. The lyrics tackle a range of subjects, from love and relationships to societal issues like politics and media control.

Standout tracks include “Little Electric Chair,” which features Iggy’s signature growling vocals over a simple, bluesy guitar riff, and “Supermarket,” a biting critique of consumer culture set to a catchy punk rock beat.

While Skull Ring received mixed reviews upon release, it’s still regarded as an important album in Iggy Pop’s discography and a solid addition to any punk rock collection.

How to find “Nervous Exhaustion”

On CD: Begins at 3:48 of track #16 (“Blood on Your Cool”)

Listen to “Nervous Exhaustion”

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