HIM: “The Heartless (outro)” from Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666

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HIM: Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666

About “The Heartless (outro)”

“The Heartless (outro)” is a hidden song by HIM from their album Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666.

A hidden instrumental track which is the final 1:40 of “The Heartless” from their EP 666 Ways To Love: Prologue.

About Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666

HIM’s debut album, Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666, was released in 1997 and quickly became a fan favorite. The Finnish band’s unique blend of heavy metal, gothic rock, and pop sensibilities is on full display here, with lead vocalist Ville Valo’s distinctive voice drawing comparisons to both Jim Morrison and Elvis Presley.

The album features some of the band’s most beloved tracks, including “Your Sweet 666,” “Wicked Game” (a cover of the Chris Isaak classic), and “When Love and Death Embrace.” The songs are characterized by their dark and haunting lyrics, which explore themes of love, death, and heartbreak.

Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666 is a strong debut album that showcases HIM’s unique sound and sets the tone for their subsequent releases. With its memorable melodies, powerful vocals, and gothic aesthetic, it remains a fan favorite to this day and helped establish HIM as a major force in the world of heavy metal and gothic rock.

How to find “The Heartless (outro)”

On CD: Begins at 6:66 of track #66

Listen to “The Heartless (outro)”

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