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Hayden: Skyscraper National Park

About “Mingus”

“Mingus” is a hidden song by Hayden from his album Skyscraper National Park.

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About Skyscraper National Park

Canadian singer-songwriter Hayden released his fifth album, Skyscraper National Park, in 2001. The album was critically acclaimed and considered a highlight of his career. The album contains introspective and often melancholic lyrics, which are complemented by Hayden’s soulful and delicate vocals. The instrumentation is mainly acoustic and sparse, featuring Hayden’s guitar and piano playing, along with occasional percussion and string arrangements. The album features a range of moods, from the upbeat and catchy “Street Car,” to the haunting and introspective “Bass Song,” which features a spoken-word section by Hayden’s friend Lou Reed. The album’s title track is an emotional ballad that showcases Hayden’s songwriting and vocal abilities. Skyscraper National Park is a testament to Hayden’s ability to craft honest and introspective songs that connect with his audience on a deep emotional level.

How to find “Mingus”

On CD: Rewind past the beginning of track #1 (“Street Car”) to about -3:00

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