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Hanson: Underneath

About “Crazy Beautiful (Reprise)”

“Crazy Beautiful (Reprise)” is a hidden song by Hanson from their album Underneath.

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About Underneath

Hanson’s third studio album Underneath was released in 2004, after the band’s departure from their previous record label. The album marked a new beginning for the band, who took full creative control of their music and production. It is considered one of their most successful works to date, debuting at number one on the US Independent Albums chart and peaking at number 25 on the Billboard 200.

Underneath features a departure from the pop sound of their previous albums, instead showcasing a more mature and rock-oriented sound. The lead single “Penny & Me” became a top 40 hit in the US and helped to re-establish Hanson’s presence in the music scene. The album also features collaborations with artists such as Michelle Branch and Matthew Sweet.

Underneath is seen as a pivotal moment for Hanson, as it demonstrated their growth as musicians and songwriters, and their ability to maintain a dedicated fan base even after their initial commercial success had faded.

How to find “Crazy Beautiful (Reprise)”

On CD: Play through track #13 (“Believe”)

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