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Guster: Keep It Together

About “Two At A Time”

“Two At A Time” is a hidden song by Guster from their album Keep It Together.

Written by Ryan Miller.

About Keep It Together

Guster’s fourth studio album Keep It Together was released in 2003 and featured a sound that was both familiar and fresh for the band. Known for their intricate harmonies, quirky lyrics, and catchy melodies, Guster didn’t disappoint with this album. The lead single, “Amsterdam”, is a fan favorite and is a perfect representation of the album’s overall sound.

One of the standout features of Keep It Together is the layering of instruments, which creates a rich and full-bodied sound. The album also features a wide range of musical styles, from the upbeat pop-rock of “Careful” to the mellow acoustic ballad “Come Downstairs and Say Hello”.

Keep It Together deals with themes of love, loss, and personal growth, with songs like “Keep It Together” and “Homecoming King” exploring the struggles of maintaining relationships and finding one’s place in the world.

How to find “Two At A Time”

On CD: Go directly to track #14

Listen to “Two At A Time”

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