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Green Day: Dookie

About “All By Myself”

“All By Myself” is a hidden song by Green Day from their album Dookie.

A song about a lonely guy who visits a girl’s bedroom when she is not home and goes through her belongings. The song was written and sung by drummer Tré Cool, who recorded the song at a party playing acoustic guitar. “All By Myself” is the correct title of the song, not “I Was Alone” or “Sexual Harrassment”, as reported in some circles, according to the official Green Day web site.

About Dookie

Green Day’s third studio album, Dookie, was released in 1994 and became a commercial and critical success. It helped to establish the band as one of the leading acts in the punk rock genre. The album features a mix of fast-paced, energetic punk rock tracks and more melodic, pop-influenced songs, with themes ranging from teenage angst and boredom to social commentary and personal struggles.

The album’s most well-known songs include “Basket Case,” “When I Come Around,” and “Longview,” which all received heavy radio airplay and MTV rotation. “Dookie” was praised for its catchy hooks, witty lyrics, and raw energy, and has since been certified diamond for sales of over 10 million copies in the United States alone. The album’s success helped to bring punk rock to the mainstream and influenced many other bands in the genre.

Dookie is considered a classic album and a defining moment in Green Day’s career, as well as in the history of punk rock music.

How to find “All By Myself”

On CD: Begins at 4:25 of track #14 (“F.O.D.”)

Listen to “All By Myself”

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